Bill Ward Drum Art - Fire and Brimstone (In My Pocket)e
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Fire and Brimstone (In My Pocket)
by Bill Ward, 2013

The construction of “Fire and Brimstone” was extensive. Beyond the captured rhythm, an intricate reflection process resulted in the visual seen within the work. The result…one of the most sophisticated pieces in the collection. There are a total of 50 pieces of "Fire and Brimstone" in the edition. All are numbered. Each is individually signed by Bill Ward.

• Measures 30” x 18”
• Giclee on canvas
• Edition of 50 (All are numbered)
• Individually signed by Bill Ward
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

On the work, Bill Ward states:
"It reminds me of fire and brimstone because it is on fire. As a child, fire and brimstone was my first introduction into the darker side. Like as a child, when someone is pretending to be a witch or something. But with the title, I decided to make it completely safe, hence I added the "In My Pocket" to the title. So it's okay…a reminder that I've learned something, not everything by any means, but I've learned a little about fire and brimstone, and I keep it in my pocket."

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