Bill Ward Drum Art - Nowhere To Belong
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Nowhere To Belong
by Bill Ward, 2013

Visually triumphant, with colors exploding diagonally, "Nowhere To Belong" is epic in size and impact. To create, Ward utilized fiber optic brushes as he crafted his rhythm for canvas. The result is a canvas that boasts that will not be ignored. There are a total of 15 canvases of "Nowhere To Belong" available in the edition. All are numbered. Each is individually signed by Bill Ward.

• Measures 60” x 33”
• Giclee on canvas
• Edition of 15 (All are numbered)
• Individually signed by Bill Ward
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

On the work, Bill Ward states:
"'Nowhere to Belong' is something of an oddity for me because this was a picture, that when it was reviewed, it was always put to one side .. on a high chair or put somewhere else in the room. And we all kind of scratched our heads and quieried and kind of looked at it and went 'Well what do we do about this picture?' So, I came up with the title, 'Nowhere to Belong', and I chose that title because it's something that's close to my heart as well. And perhaps in all of my audio statements in this collection, I think of them as many times as I touch on the same type of things... talking about emotions or different feelings. 'Nowhere to Belong' is a very sad place and the yellow doesn't necessarily represent sad, but it does represent, that it physically had nowhere to belong at some point during the production of these pictures. And I've certainly been there in my heart, over the years. I have a great sense of belonging today, but it wasn't always the case for my life."

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