Bill Ward Drum Art - Love, Ability, Strength
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Love, Ability, Strength
by Bill Ward, 2013

A landscape told through rhythm on canvas, Ward created “Love, Ability, Strength” through a rhythmic performance utilizing of fiber optics sticks and LED technology. The captured light within the work, met with the reflective nature of Ward’s kit, combine in a remarkable way to create the finished work. There are a total of 15 pieces of “Love, Ability, Strength.” All are numbered. Each is individually signed by Bill Ward.

• Measures 60” x 33”
• Giclee on canvas
• Edition of 15 (All are numbered)
• Individually signed by Bill Ward
• Ships with Authenticity Certificate

On the work, Bill Ward states:
"Within it, you'll see my emotional wellbeing coming out of me. I call it ‘Love, Ability, Strength’ and that's a requirement for being able to play drums. I can see my focus. I was really focused. And I know we have that requirement for a lot of other things as well, but it really helps when you are playing drums to have love, ability, and strength."

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